Dreamers Ibiza wish to protect our beautiful island and are involved in the fight to protect our posidonia. Posidonia is one of the most important aquatic plants of the Mediterranean, maintaining the habitat of marine flora and fauna and keeping our beaches clean and clear. If you go diving or snorkelling or even take a swim in Ibiza you are already familiar with the ribbon like leaves that grow up from the ocean floor and tickle your toes.

There is a Posidonia meadow growing between Ibiza and Formentera protected by the UNESCO World Heritage List. This huge colony is around 8 km across and is estimated to be around 100,000 years old, making it one of the oldest and largest colonies on the planet. Posidonia is only found in the Mediterranean but sadly it’s in decline so it’s important to preserve the gift that we have here.

We have a dream; a dream for a better world where we live in harmony with nature.We hope our visitors will join us in respecting the island and protecting what Mother Earth gave us, because the future of the Meditterranean depends on it.